Jewellery Care

Great care and a lot of love has been taken in creating your jewellery and gift items. 

Jewellery is delicate by its nature, so we advise taking off your jewellery before lifting any heavy items, partaking in sports, cleaning, or gardening.

To keep your intricately crafted jewellery at their best for as long as possible, keep it away from chemicals such as chlorinated water, deodorant, perfume, moisturisers and lotions etc. Store your jewellery in a dry location with low humidity. Avoid leaving them in your bathroom. 

Remember, jewellery should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.

Our silver jewellery is 92.5% sterling silver, meaning at least 925 parts out of 1000 parts is pure silver. For the rest of the mix, we use copper as it provides durability and strength since 100% pure silver is too soft to wear. Typically, allergic reactions with silver jewellery are related to alloying silver with nickel. We do not alloy with nickel for that reason. 

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes gradually as it reacts with oxygen and moisture in the air. A quick (gentle) rub with a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth will bring its silver shine back. The best way to avoid your sterling silver jewellery from tarnishing is to wear it regularly. 

Our gold plated jewellery is brass metal plated with pure gold in a matt finish. Over the top of the gold plating is a coating to seal in the gold for longer wearability. 

Gold plated does not tarnish like silver, however with wear and in time, the pieces are susceptible to having the gold wearing away.  To minimise this, clean with warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry immediately. Do not leave to soak in water, and do not rub. Do not use harsh chemical cleansers as they may cause the plating to chip or wear off. 

Be extra careful with gold-plated jewellery - keep separate from other jewellery which may scratch or scruff it. 

    Brass does not like to get wet so keep it away from water. While they do tarnish more quickly than silver, they can be restored to their original shine very easily. 

    Use commercial brass cleaner, or clean with soap, water & a soft brush. Alternatively, unlikely as it sounds, the acetic acid in ketchup will shine up brass very nicely. Apply them carefully with a toothbrush or soft cloth, leave on for a couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

    Always air dry your brass pieces well after cleaning. 

    Ultra suede cord
    We use ultra suede cord to practise Ahimsa (non harming). They are man made fibre therefore no animals have been harmed in the process. It is more resistant to stains, discolourations and fraying, giving it a longevity that natural suede doesn't have. 

    They are also machine washable so you can remove them easily for cleaning, or replace with your choice of material. 

    If you an allergy, rash or itchy reaction to gold plated or brass jewellery, try a coat or two of clear nail varnish. Re-apply when it eventually wears off. 

    Whilst the care advise given above is provided in good faith, it is not recommended that you do anything unless you are certain that no harm will come to your jewellery as a result of cleaning. We do not take any responsibility for damage which ensues from your actions. 

     With gratitude,